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Version 1.9: Released!


· Optional e-mail registration for puzzle creation contests and other events integrated!


· Editor’s Choice selection of player created puzzles integrated!

Puzzle counter integrated. See from the main menu how many player created puzzles are available to the community!


· Minor bug fixes


· Crazy Machines Golden Gears is now available In English and German on all  Android Tablets and Phones.


· Customers that purchased the AdFree package with version 1.02 or earlier will receive an additional 16,000 Golden Gears.


· Customers that purchased a 16,000 Golden Gears package with version 1.02 or earlier will have Ads removed.


· All Golden Gears Packages remove Ads.


Version 1.8: MAJOR UPDATE


• Introducing the Level Editor and Community!

  - Build "real" puzzles or "self-solving" chain reactions.

  - Share creations with players across platforms and earn Golden Gears.


• Improved texture quality for ETC texture based devices


• Minor bugfixes