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“Touch screen controls are flawless and it couldn't be simpler to place, arrange or remove items from the inventory.”

“And, it’s awesome.” -


“A fun and intellectual puzzler that forces players to think outside the box in order to achieve success within the game.” -



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Replay Value:


Played on the iPhone verson 1.8



“It’s buckets of fun and for kids it presents one of the best ways to get into science and for big kids well, it’s the kick ass lab set you never had.” -



Speed (4/5) – Crazy Machines is a quick game and, if you have a Tegra device (like the Nexus 7) you’ll be able to enjoy the game to its fullest.

Features (5/5) – Far too often, game developers are content to deliver a game that looks as though it was designed for consoles or a handheld, Crazy Machines is a game that takes advantage of touch as developers should.

Theme (4/5) – Lab equipment is represented well and physics work as you’d expect, it’s a very pleasing game to look at.

Overall (4.5/5) – This fun puzzle game is a great take on problem solving, it’s easy to engage with, it looks good and it’s a great way to get kids interested in science.



The fact that the game encourages players to think for themselves and use more unorthodox solutions to puzzles definitely makes this game a worthy part of any puzzle fan’s repertoire." -



"There is no one “right” answer to each puzzle, so it’s your imagination at work as well as your problem solving skills. The game is entertaining as well as engaging—time can fly by while you’re playing Dr. Frankenwrench." - AppleTell



"Crazy Machines Golden Gears is a fun title that challenges your problem solving skills and offers plenty of replay value, as you continue to replay the same challenges to earn three-star ratings and complete challenges in all new ways." - BioGamer Girl



"In short, if you love complex puzzle games with realistic physics, Crazy Machines: Golden Gears is the game for you. Go forth and purchase." - Game Industry News (4/5)



"The game is quite polished, with great graphics and sounds. Objects look fairly realistic and the physics engine, not surprisingly, is really great." - Toronto Thumbs