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Q: How do I play the game?

A: At the start of the level, look at the task blueprint to see what the goal is. Then, open up the inventory and select Parts, drag and rotate them to positions where you think will result in the experiments running successfully in accomplishing the goal. Run the experiment and readjust your Parts from the Inventory and try again!

Q: Parts: How do I find inventory?

A: The Inventory button is located at the bottom left corner of the screen with a picture of an open box. Tap this button to open the Inventory. 

Q: Unlocking Parts: How come I can't get to all the parts?

A: In the first couple of levels, we start off with most Parts locked to help you focus on the basic Parts that will solve the level. When you re-play the level, all the parts will be unlocked and you are free to experiment!

Q: Golden Gears: How can I use Golden Gears?

A: Golden Gears are used to unlock levels and purchase hints in the game. You start off with a certain number of Golden Gears and will use them up as you unlock the next level and reveal hints. The amount of Golden Gears you have can be seen in the upper left corner of the screen. Golden Gears can be earned by meeting certain goals as you play the game (i.e. bonus Golden Gears for playing 1 hour, reaching certain Player Levels, etc.) and more importantly by solving levels with 3 star solutions. When you run out of Golden Gears, you can purchase Golden Gear packs from the App Store.

Q: How do I purchase more Golden Gears?

A: When you run out of Golden Gears, you can purchase more Golden Gears by tapping the Buy button on the upper left corner of the screen. This will open the Golden Gear purchase screen. Tap on the Golden Gear Pack you want to purchase and  follow the purchase instructions that pops up.

Q: Stars: I have played the puzzles and even purchased golden gears for hints.

   I am only receiving 2 stars at best. How come? How do I get 3 stars?

A: The key to getting 3 stars in a level is using the least amount of Parts and using Parts that generate more Action. If you use more of the same Part, your score will decrease!

Q: What is Action?

A: Action is generated by reactions such as moving objects, burning objects, explosions, and more! When you start a level, you will notice small exclamation marks. These exclamation marks indicate where Action is generated. The more the better! If you don't want to have the exclamaition marks shown in the levels, go to the Options Menu and unselect Show Action.

Q: Are there Hints?

A: Hints are available for each level. Tap on the yellow “CLUE” button on the bottom right corner of the screen to open up the hints. Tap where it says “Tap here to reveal a clue” to see a text hint. These text hints will help give you ideas on how to solve the level. If you’re really stuck, you can choose to reveal a 1 star solution. But, revealing a 1 star solution will cost you Golden Gears!

Q: What are the Apple and Windsock Icons on the upper right corner of the screen?

A: The Apple Icon indicates if there is gravity in the level. If there is gravity, you will see the apple with an arrow pointing down. If there is no gravity, you will see the apple floating with arrows pointing in all directions. In levels with no gravity, objects will not naturally fall down like they normally do. The Windsock Icon indicates if there is wind in the level. If the Windsock is blowing, that means there is wind in the level, and all objects in the level will be pushed by the wind.

Q: Is there a walkthrough for the game?

A: The official solution app is not available yet!

Q: How do I plug in or power up electrical parts?

A: The power cord is part of the item (for example the motor). It's NOT a separate inventory item. When you choose the motor you can see the plug on a very short cord hanging down from it at the bottom. If you have a power outlet in place, tap on the plug under the motor and then on the power outlet and you will see the cord connected. Make sure the outlet and the motor ar not too far apart from each other. Otherwise, the cord may not be long enough.

Q: I’m having trouble downloading Crazy Machines Golden Gears from Google Play.

A: Please view Google Play’s help article for possible solutions:

Q: I downloaded Crazy Machines Golden Gears, but it’s not working on my device.

A: Unfortunately, Crazy Machines Golden Gears may not run on devices with low memory capacity or low graphics processing. If you have installed Crazy Machines Golden Gears THD, try installing the non-THD version as the THD version is optimized for NVIDIA Tegra 3 powered devices.

Q: I purchased Golden Gears from within the game but they are not showing up!

A: Please un-install the app and re-install the app from the google play store. The account used for the Play Store should be set to the account used to make the purchase. Please keep in mind that all level progress will be lost and will have to be re-played.

Q: Can't find the answer to your question?

A: Ask us! Please visit to open a customer support ticket.